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What they say about us ⭐️

Rayan Jahaverian, Co-Founder of ImmoLevier

MeetConor is the one-stop guide for your startup journey! I recommend it to all entrepreneurs willing to maximize their success and build their startups with a solid track to avoid basic failures. Building a company is a frenzy experience, so you might as well do it right.

Bram Van de Velde, Founder LeadCamp

Conor's Startup Guide is a true life-saver! I recommend it to all entrepreneurs who wish to save time & energy in this journey

Guillaume Massard, Founder Meet My Job

Accelerate your startup journey & join MeetConor. Entrepreneurs from all horizons will love this platform!

Lost in the entrepreneurial jungle? 🤷

Don't know how to get started? You're not moving fast enough? Don't know what tasks to prioritise? Sure you didn't skip any steps in the process? Overwhelmed by too much information?

Meet Conor 🦧

Your digital guide helping you transform your idea into a first paying customer 💳
Conor will support you through the entrepreneurial jungle with his knowledge and wisdom 🧠

How? With our startup guide.

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to validate your product market fit 🔑

Divided into 10 Levels 🆙

The levels are divided into steps that represent the journey of a young startup. From the problem definition to your first marketing campaign

100+ Tasks ✅

Each level is divided into Tasks to make you advance one step at a the time on your project. However, we not only guide you, we help you to complete the task!

Complete Tool Box 🧰

All the relevant tools you need for the development of your digital product, marketing and communication

Based on experience lived by entrepreneurs 🈺

The content is created based on interviews, articles, books, workshops and more. All the content united into one powerful guide.

See how it works

Each level is made of

  • Tasks ✅

    All levels are divided into comprehensive tasks to manage the amount of work properly.

  • Fresh content 🖼

    Get unlimited access to the content, including practical frameworks, savvy infographics and useful links.

  • Tips and tricks 🤓

    Ranging from the research done by our team as well as growth hacks from successful entrepreneurs.

  • Bonus levels 🎁

    To unlock the growth your business deserves.

The wisdom 🧠 in Conor's guide was extracted from

27 books

The Lean Startup, The Innovator's Dilemma, Tools of Titans ...

9 podcasts

How we built this, Masters of Scale, The Tim Ferriss Show, ...

+120 articles

Bloomberg, Slidebean, Y combinator,...

+80 entrepreneurs interviewed

The right task at the right moment

  Time management is one of the most difficult challenges for entrepreneurs.   So save time ⏱️, money 💰 and a lot of frustrations 😡 with your project by using Conor's guide.

Only for tech startups? Hell no!

Some examples of diverse projects where Conor 🦧 can help you!

Sustainable clothing brands

Trendy foodtrucks


Blockchain projects

Fully automatic car washes

There is no tomorrow.

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